About us

about us

About Us

Nutkin Nannies is a Nanny Agency founded by Sarah Cozens, a qualified Norland Nanny.

With over a century of combined childcare experience. We cover the whole of the South East of England.

We are the only Nanny Agency run exclusively by nannies and professionals in the childcare industry, we are all parents and we understand that the working environment is vastly different to many other industries and so we are in the best position to be able to help you through what can seem like a mine field.

It is a unique working environment, there are emotions involved and more importantly vunerable little people too. We believe in putting the children and their needs above all else and ensure that the nannies we place have the same thinking.

We can help with your decisions and ensure that you make informed choices. We are a very personal Nanny Agency and we like to build up relationships with our nannies and families as we feel this puts us in a better position to marry the two.

From sourcing and meeting the nannies that we hand pick, then sending you their CV, arranging the interviews for you helping you at the time where you are ready to offer them the job. We do not forget about you after a successful placement and like to keep in touch long into the working relationship.

We cannot prevent you from signing up with other agencies but do please keep us informed from the start to avoid any duplication of CVs and candidates or confusion over which nanny came from us or (hopefully not) another.

It can be much easier for all three parties in the equation if you select just one Agency (us of course) that you can build up good trust and understanding,

We understand exactly what is needed for a smooth working relationship whilst not ignoring the needs of the Children.