Birthday Party Dilemmas!

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Birthday Party Dilemmas!

Birthday Party Dilemmas!

Birthday Party dilemmas have started! As most of you know, the Minibeast started school this term and the onslaught of Birthday Parties has already begun with one school-mum kindly setting the bar very high and inviting the WHOLE class. Now we’re lucky in that her class is only 30 strong, split into two halves but still… Really? I’m still learning which mum goes with which child and which Max, Charlie, James is the right one in our half!

if I were to go down the “invite all indiscriminately” route there would be over 60 children by the time I included the children from Nursery, my antenatal, school,college friends’ children and the various others that we cross paths with over the year. There is not enough wine in Surrey to see me through an afternoon like that! Some schools insist that thew whole class is invited but I believe this actually sends out the wrong message.

So I am going to set the precedent and be the first black-sheep-mum in the class as the Minibeast has very set views on who she would like to come and it is her party after all and besides I think Children take the lack of an invite far less personally than the parents do. The Minibeast has actually turned down the odd invite as she didn’t think that she was really friends with the invitee… We will be discrete, I have sent out a “save the day” email and will be sure to put the invites in the book bags amongst the various bits of artwork than come home on a Friday.

So now that the first hurdle has been cleared –  hopefully without too much of a pile up behind us – the next question is where and what. How much “keeping up with the Jones'” are we meant to do? Not that I’ve ever particularly liked the Jones anyway. We went to a fantastic party at the weekend in a village hall, the mum put on traditional party games, pass the parcel, musical bumps/statues and what’s the time Mr Wolf to name a few and the children had a BALL, we need to remember that they are only turning 5 and if we start with massive events we will have run out of ideas (and finances) by the time the turn 13/18/21!!

So do we run with a theme? Fancy dress, Princesses, teddy bears picnic (I quite like that one) or just let them be as they want, I’m not sure I can tolerate another birthday party with 20 Elsa and Annas running around – can I ban Frozen? and if there’s a sure-fire way of me calling a child the wrong name it will be because they are dressed as spiderman.

Do I ask the parents to dump and run? I’m sure most of them would love to but I’d be grateful for a few to stay! What is the correct thing to do? Do I then have to cater for a further possible 20-30 adults too? It may only be tea and biscuits but some parties I have been to recently go full hog with booze and grown up snacks, if most people are like me then they will wait for the socially acceptable point in the party tea (after loitering with intent) before they start devouring the left over hula-hoops and watsits and be happy with a triangle ham sarnie.

Agh then there’s the party bags, Last year I sent the kids home with a book each (Thank you Book People) and that went down a storm so I may well be repeating that, if not then I will stick to the traditional balloon, bouncy ball that will get instantly lost under the paino at the end of the village hall, an annoyingly loud whistle-thingy that will have broken before the children leave the party and a slice of cake.

So you get home and then the carnage of unwrapping the presents begins, trying to keep up with a sugar fuelled over tired hyper 5 year old ripping paper off boxes quicker than piranhas stripping meat from a bone, who sent what present? where is their card?..  WHERE ARE WE GOING TO PUT IT ALL??? What have I done with the list? I need this for the thank you cards

Oh man, the thank you cards. My heart sinks when I realise that if I do not do them that evening they will be getting them along with the thank you cards for the Christmas presents, Don’t laugh, this happened last year! *hangs head in shame* I was brought up quite correctly to write thank you notes to anyone who gave me a gift but 20-30 to write? Ugh… not so fun, so I’m cheating, I will print off a lovely photo taken before the party tea when the children did not quite resemble a group of rabid dogs just yet and use that with a generic “thank you so much for coming I hope you had a lovely time” note on the back. Total cop-out? oh yes.

Now, where’s my wine?

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