Child Protection Procedure

We at Nutkin Nannies recognise that we have a responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and to ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place so that a child being cared for by a “Nutkin” Nanny is in a safe and secure environment.


We aim to ensure that all “Nutkin” Nannies can provide an environment in which children are safe, can learn and develop at their own pace and are aware that there are always adults in whom they can trust.


Nutkin Nannies practices safe recruitment in checking the suitability of Nannies and Nursery staff to work with children.
All Childcarers are required to undergo an enhanced DBS check prior to employment.
All Childcarers will be interviewed before an appointment is made and will be asked to provide at least one reference.
All references will be followed up.


 recognises that all matters relating to children are confidential and will only disclose information on a need to know basis.


Childcarers should, wherever possible, take care not to place themselves in a vulnerable position with a child.
Suspicion of, or allegation of inappropriate behaviour will be responded to immediately in line with agreed procedures. In the event that an allegation is made against a Childcarer or Parent we would follow the Local Safeguarding Children Board procedures, Ofsted and Children’s Social Care will be informed immediately and will deal with the situation accordingly.