3 Tips on how to find a nanny and hire

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Every parent is highly concerned about the wellbeing of their children when they are not in the house to look after them. Parents have to go out to their work and for duration of 6-8 hours and it is essential for them to get hold of a trusted nanny who can look after the newborn. There are various things that are to be kept in mind before you appoint a nanny. Some of the tips on how to find a nanny Surrey and the principles for selection are listed below-

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Prepare for long term:

Your toddler shall grow up fast and it is essential to keep this in mind and select a nanny who can help the child grow. When the baby will start walking, the nanny should be knowledgeable enough to help him walk to strengthen the body.


Do not bomb an interviewee nanny with questions that are regular. Instead, give them “what if” situations and see what they come up with instantly. The maturity in their answers shall clarify whether or not you should hire her or not.

Background checks:

Before you finalise on selecting a nanny, thoroughly run a background check in order to understand the abilities of the nanny in the practical field. Ensure that the nanny has no criminal record or bad reputation as a person. It is important because your kid will be with her for long hours, this implies that a lot is at stake!

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