Courses Offered

At Nutkin we have courses offered that compliment working with and looking after children. Paediatric first aid, Nanny Link Training and Drive a Child,

All courses are vefry reasonably priced and run regularily throughout the year so if you cannot get a space on the one soonest to you rest assured we will fit you onto the next available course. We are confident the the courses offered are beneficial to anyone – not just nannies and childminders – but also parents and grandparents alike. With more people relying on family members to help out with the childcare, these courses offer peace of mind that your children are in the best hands possible.

Call us today on 07770295242 or email for more information or to reserve your space.

We believe that you can never be too informed and even those with years of experience can benefit from refresher courses.  For information on Paediatric first aid courses click Here.
Don’t forget that your first aid expires after 3 years and renewing this is paramount. 

Are you a nanny with no qualifications and need to become Ofsted registered or are you looking to start a career in childcare? The Nanny Training course is just for you. For information on Nanny Link Training courses click Here

However an experienced driver you consider yourself to be there is always roo for reminders and improvement – all from the comfort of your own home.For information on Drive a Child courses click Here



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