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Drive a Child  (Formerly known as Nanny Drive IQ). Is now in association with Nutkin Nannies.

Making every car journey safer for your baby/child. Minimise their risk and maximise their protection with the easy to use, online programme.

This Drive a Child course will give you verything you will need and want to know about driving with babies and children whilst giving you a head start on others when looking for work (it also makes a great converstaional point at interviews)

How does it work?
No need to travel for training or practical tests, it is all done on-line. The course looks at skills, knowledge and also driving attitudes. The course cost is actually much less than a tank of fuel and the initial assessment can take less time to complete than to travel once around the M25.
It is easy to use and very informative, you will soon notice a change in your driving habits making every journey you take, with or without children in your car, even safer. Make every car journey you take safer for your baby/child with . Minimise risk and maximise protection
The Certificate awarded is valid for three years, if you need to check if the certificate is still valid or if the candidate has completed the course, go to the drive a child website and enter the certificate graduation number they give you

Go to Drive a child to and enter the code – nutkin15 – to claim your 20% (£5) discount


  • A collision at 30mph can inflict the same level of injuries as a fall from a third floor balcony.
  • Over 2,200 uder 15″s are killed or injured every year with a further 15,000 sustaining minor injuries. – That is an average of 7 children killed or injured EVERY day!
  • Shockingly, more than 57% of us don’t fit Car Seats properly, with incorrect fittings and advice being given from many of the major high street stores. (source BBC Watchdog)
  • Most of us are good drivers! However it is not our technical skills but frustration, anxiety, fatigue and most commonly distraction that are big contributors to 95% of crashes. .
  • Change every journey for the better and prepare yourself for pretty much anything out on the road. Remember, if something goes wrong, the results can be deadly. Cars are not Body armour.
  • Two in three parents/child-carers are putting children’s lives at risk by strapping them in to wrongly fitted car seats and that has soared by more than a third in just five years – putting up to seven out of ten youngsters in danger.
  • The figures were released after the Department for Transport revealed the number of children killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads has risen for the first time in two decades.
  • The number of youngsters killed or seriously injured rose by 3 per cent to 2,060 in the year to September 2014, official statistics revealed.
  • Research has shown that children can be more of a distraction that a mobile phone (DO NOT TEST THIS THEORY!)
  • Half of British parents have had a near miss on the road because they were distracted by their children
  • On an average 16 minute journey with children we take our eyes off the road for more than 3 minutes!


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It is really important to me that you have a great experience buying, using or working with Drive A Child.

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