Creating a cosy reading nook, book corner

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Creating a cosy reading nook, book corner.

Children love books, my two especially and Creating a cosy reading nook, book corner  has always been something I’ve wanted to create in their bedroom. In fact, I’ve not met a child yet who doesn’t love to look at books, whether they find reading easy or a struggle, everyone loves a good story. My daughter’s reading level for her age is amazing (all down to her), however I do think that because we’ve always had books in the house and do buy the kids a lot of books, it helps. It’s the only thing I’ll buy them without question. I’m very privilaged to have cared for lots of children during my career too so have come across a huge variety of books and have definatly got some favourites.

So I decided tonight, whilst trying to read with my 5 year old daughter that we needed a proper book corner in her bedroom. Mainly, because she shares with her brother who is nearly 3 and although he loves books too, when he’s tired and not in the mood to sit and listen to her read, he gets restless and whingy….we are sitting on his bed, bless him!! He needs to lie down and snuggle up and as she’s on the top bunk, it’s hard to read on her bed. (Well it’s hard for me to get up and down it, changing the sheets feels like I’ve run a marathon!)

Creating a cosy reading nook, book corner

I’ve always wanted my children to share a room while they’re young and it’s really sweet and they love it, plus I do quite sneakily like having my own laundry/office/dumping ground which used to be the youngest nursery. But sometimes I know my daughter would just like some time to read on her own or with me or my husband snuggled up. And equally, my little boy loves nothing more, especially when his sister is at school then tucking himself into a corner with a book. Which is why I decided today that at some point (hopefully before Christmas) I will create a little reading nook/book corner in their bedroom.

We already have a book case bursting at the seams but I know it’s going to grow (we’re going to need a bigger one) after Christmas and there’s so many books we’d like to get them and I hear Father Christmas and his elves like giving them too. I have basic ideas so I started googling them and there are some amazing images of what other people have done. Some of them are way beyond our means, space and expertise, but you can easily create something simple, using the space and resources you have already.

Creating a cosy reading nook, book corner 2

I think I’m settled on a canopy of some kind but nothing too girly and low hanging as I can just imagine my little boy trying to hang off it and sadly we don’t have the room for a teepee which I’d love.  I do really like those Ikea huge leaf type ones and then adding some nice wall lights to make it really cosy. It will go in the corner by the window so they can sit thereday or night and enjoy their books. Add some cushions (they seem to multiply in our house) and a throw and done.

So now I just need to get to Ikea……..that’s always quite a trek!! Maybe when I’m done I’ll post a finished picture and hopefully it will look as nice as these ones, though not quite as cool! What will matter though is that it will be their little haven where they can escape to in the depths of their beloved books.

Happy reading x



Creating a cosy reading nook, book corner 3


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