Interview tips


So now that you have an interview set up, be it through us or arranged on your own, here are a few tips for you to help prepare.

Let someone know where you are going. Especially if the interview was not set up through Nutkin.

DO NOT be late! First impressions count, even if it means you sitting in the car for 15 minutes this will give you time to compose yourself and be sure you have the right address. Use google street view if you are unsure. Nutkin tries to go to the clients houses and if this has been possible then we will send you the directions and (with their permission) a photo of their house.

Remember first impressions do count. Smile, have a firm handshake, say who you are and remember to take off your shoes ( unless you are in a cafe – this would be a little odd!)

Have a sensible email for contact with the families, bigfluffybunnyfeet@hotmail will not give the right impression.

Dress appropriately, cover up any tattoos to begin with and we are smart casual clothes. A nanny dressed in Gucci will be as unimpressive as one turning up in ripped jeans. clothes that are smart but suitable for the position. If you do not have time to go home and change before the interview then be honest and explain that this is how you dress for work as you don’t mind mucking in with the children.

Bring your portfolio, many families will want to see your certificates and a hard copy of your CV, take copies of written references and any photos ( with prior permission from the families) of you with your past children.

Play with the children, remember you will be looking after them not the parents so be sure to talk to the children and sit on the floor with them if their toys are out, parents need to reassured that you will be happy interacting with the children even if they come home.

Try to relax, be yourself and try not to fidget! Smile and keep good eye contact.

Have a list of questions that you would like to ask the family and have a few answers ready for possible questions from them. – these are a few examples.

  1. Ask the position and what it will fully entail.
  2. Confirm the start date.
  3. Confirm the hours of work.
  4. Ask if the position is sole charge or if family will be at home too.
  5. Ask then to describe in full the job outline, responsibilities and duties, particularly if more than basic   nursery duties, i.e. weekly shop or cooking an evening meal.
  6. Ask about the children’s characters, nicknames they may have.
  7. get them to describe the children’s routine which must be kept by the you.
  8. confirm the salary being  offered.
  9. Will they be providing a car or expecting you to use your own.
  10. Will they provide a kitty for weekly expenses.
  11. Ask if they will need you to take your holidays in the school holidays.
  12. If there is any babysitting needed or occasional overtime.
  13. Any house rules they may have.
  14. Ask the to tell you a bit about themselves and the family.
  15. Do they have extended family that come and stay and what would be your responsibilities when they are there?
  16. Any allergies, medical or dietary issues that the children may have.

Be Chatty, they do not need your life story but need more than yes-no answers.

Have your answers ready, these are some of the most asked questions in interviews from Parents:

  1. Why did you choose to become a nanny?
  2. What qualities do you think you have that make you a good nanny?
  3. What do you like most/least about nannying?
  4. What experience do you have with children the same age as mine?
  5. Why are you leaving you current post?
  6. How long are you looking to stay in this post?
  7. Do you swim and are you happy to take our children swimming?
  8. How good a cook are you?
  9. What sort of meals would you provide?
  10. Have you weaned a baby onto solid food?
  11. Do you plan a weekly menu?
  12. Are you willing to babysit?
  13. What methods of discipline do you use and how would you deal with…
  14. A tantrum in a public place,
  15. A child refusing to eat,
  16. A child behaving violently towards another.
  17. How would you discourage the use of derogatory expressions?
  18. What would be a typical day? What would you do or where would you go?
  19. Do you know any local playgroups/classes
  20. Do you have a nanny network in this area?
  21. Would you take our children to the library?
  22. How would you potty train our child?
  23. How much television do you think is appropriate?
  24. How would you deal with an emergency or have you ever had to deal with an emergency?
  25. How up to date is your 1st Aid?
  26. What would you do if a child was choking?
  27. How do you deal with feveral convulsions?
  28. How many sick days did you take last year?
  29. Are you a good driver? Have you ever had points on your license?
  30. Are you a smoker?