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How to choose the right maternity nurse for yourself?

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A maternity nurse is someone who works in the maternity ward or unit of a hospital. They work with pregnant women before birth and take care of newborn infants. The main day-to-day responsibilities of a maternity nurse include monitoring the unborn baby and mother, assisting the obstetrician during delivery, assessing patients’ vital signs, providing support to the mother during childbirth and providing information such as how to breastfeed or even to use a feeding bottle after birth. They also explain procedures to patients and their families, complete documentation for them, and ensure strict adherence to safety measures all the time. Maternity nurses generally work full time, and their hours vary depending on the shift requirements.

How to find the right maternity nurse for yourself:

Nanny Recruitment ChertseyCheck online: It is very easy to find nurses online, today. Check 3-4 agencies and look for the websites and testimonials. Also, check for customer reviews. After a satisfactory understanding of the service, select the one that best suits your needs.

Referrals: Go for referrals. If your family members or friends have had a good experience they are bound to recommend them to you. Check for referrals and choose the best one.

Go for certification: Check for the certification and the courses the nurse has completed. It should be as per the acceptable standards and should be affiliated to a legal organization.

Experience: More the experience, better would be the service. Look for nurses with immense experience in the domain and the number of cases she has handled.

Past record: Ask her to give you the records of her past experience. You may cross-check with them and find how the service was offered.

Guidance: In addition to providing top care for your baby/babies, the nurses also give you guidance on a wide range of childcare areas- from buying the best baby equipment to safety and hygiene practices at home, their feedback and suggestion are most often quite invaluable. They will monitor weight gain, growth and sleeping patterns in order to devise an important routine to help your babies stay healthy and happy.

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