Mummy in Reserve, Take 3!

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Mummy in Reserve, Take 3!

Mummy in Reserve, Take 3!

Hello, how are you all? It’s Mummy in Reserve, Take 3!

I know you can’t possibly answer me unless we all possess some pretty awesome mind reading powers, I know I don’t, otherwise determining when my little rat bag sisters were lying through their teeth would be a alot easier! But I guess we’ll just have to live with me assuming you are all feeling fabulous!

Right, moving onto the subject matter of today. Little Stroppo has just netted her first job. I’d say well done but it’s down completely and utterly to my effort. I mean credit due she’s willing to do it and what 16 year olds do you know that are willing to do a few hours of work?

By using extra spectacular powers as a Nutkin extraordinaire I managed to land her a night of babysitting on news year eve, how exciting!

I don’t know how much work you think goes into finding jobs for people but I can assure it’s a lot. All she, Stroppo had to do was a write a CV. Not even from scratch, I gave her mine (which is a masterpiece in every sense of the word) all she had to do was change what I’ve done to what she’s done. What’s that, maybe an 30 minutes of work? Yet, somehow 2 days later she still hadn’t made a start. I mean really! School is finished so there’s no excuse! We were approaching the deadline and still nothing done, and the excuses were coming from everywhere. This little Stroopo now has 4 weeks holiday ( I get that a year not just for Christmas!!!) and has literally nothing to worry about each day is now claiming she doesn’t have any time. Clearly forgetting that she spends most of her time sleeping in until mid day, watching ghastly American TV and making odd faces for snap chat!

But never fear for Mummy in Reserve is here!

Because I know my sisters so well I was able to sit there, when I really do have a million things to do, (which don’t involve sleeping in until mid day, watching ghastly American TV and making odd faces for snap chat) into the precious hours of the night and do it for her. There we go one CV!

So basically I found the job, I convinced the lady to give Stroppo a chance, I wrote her CV and physically got her the job. Now, somehow, she actually thinks she did all the work and fully deserves this role! (before I sound like a monster, she does fully deserve this…I just resent the fact she believes she earnt it through sheer hard work and determination when in fact she’s just got an amazing sister!!)

Then came the money talks. £150 for a few hours work. Amazing, she was thrilled.

Of course, as it is in most households it was time to give something. Our mum had, just as a joke, stated and rightfully so that a small portion of that money would have to be given as rent. Overall she’d still be in profit of £125.

Her response? well it wasn’t anything like “It’s ok I’m still making a lot of money, my mum has the right to charge me housekeeping”

No it was more along the lines of, “If I can’t have all of it then I don’t want to do the job!” wow, you see why she’s called, Stroppo!? Eventually she was convinced to take the job on the promise that we’d ‘think’ about rent!!!!

So there we go. I did all the work. got her a cracking good job for a cracking amount of money for just a few hours work. At least I got a thank you. wait, no of course I didn’t.

That’s just another moment in what seems like a lifetime of being a Mummy in Reserve.

Until next time from Mummy in Reserve, Take 3!, see ya!!!


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