Mummy in Reserve Take 5

September 19, 2016 11:16 am Published by


Everyone’s really starting to grow up…..

No more little Scatty forgetting the difference the dishwasher and tumble drier. No more itty bitty Stroppo, throwing a tantrum that because she cant find her socks. Now, between you and me, I feel like I should be secret thrilled. I mean, I’ve survived Nappy changes (not to mention being covered in wee) I’ve done the school run more times than I can count, I’ve put up with fighting, screaming and hair actually being pulled out! I’ve stayed up ’till 3 in the morning finishing my school project…I mean, the children’s school projects. And….. I’m not even the Mum! But its all over! While their plastered to their screens, in the cave that is their bedroom, I can look forward to hassle free evenings while I count the days till they move out….. or so I thought.

Basically, and you won’t believe this! I miss them! (crazy, right!?) so I’m constantly trying to arrange movie nights, Trips out, going out for the dinner, general family activities that once upon a time they would have loved to joined in with. But now, their farrrrrr to busy.

Either talking to their friends, boasting about there snap streaks (Which basically means, if you don’t know the lingo, its now an achievement to send somebody a picture everyday for a considerable length of time) That is the reason they don’t want to spend time with me, too busy counting how many days in a row they send pictures. Sometimes I’ll suggest a trip to the shopping the centres, which is often met with groans. Yet the same day I get told they are both going out with their friends, where? Shopping!! Do I not matter anymore? 🙁

The other night I thought, you know what? I’ve slaved over the upbringing of these children for years the least they can do Is come and be with me on demand whenever I will it! (unreasonable? I don’t think so)  I went out and bought a film, on a real life disc. Not a streaming thingy. An actual media based CD. I bought some popcorn, sweets, I even made a cake. Thinking to myself, “I’m a great sister. They will love me for this” what happened when I told them of the wonderful evening we all going to have? They shrugged, “do we have to?” needlessly to say, I was hurt but even more needlessly to say , I was hot dog, crazy mad!

My words may not have been as polite as what your about to read but, censorship and all that. In a nutshell I told them, “yes” we were going to sit down watch a film and eat some sweets. Unfortunately, they were grumpy. I took away their phones, their ipads (did I mention they have 2 ipads each!?) and all other gadgets, sat them down told them they’d only get them back if they smiled and ate all the cake!

You know what? We all had a lovely time. Because, even though they kick up a fuss and pretend they don’t want anything to do with me now they are self-proclaimed adults. They are still my baby sisters and I’ll always love them. And I think deep down they still love me. Of course I quickly gave them back their screens and sent them back upstairs before all hell broke loose and the bickering started once again!

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This post was written by Sarah Cozens