Mummy In Reserve

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Mummy in Reserve

Well then, I guess we should start off with the usual mandatory introductions my name is Sara, I’m one of the wonderful Nutkin Nannies you’ve heard so much about. One thing I probably should let you know right away is, I don’t have kids of my own. You’d think somebody in the childcare industry would have to have children, but no, and you’re probably thinking why? Well, in all honesty despite my previous statement I technically already have kids, sort of.

They are my sisters who are in their early teens, I’ll call them by names that best suit them in our current circumstances. The youngest of the two is Scatty, the name suits her because she’s so all over the place. Last week she actually asked me out of the washing machine, tumbler dryer and dishwasher which one was the dryer! My reply “probably the same one it’s been for the past 5 years!”

Then there’s the other one, ‘Stroppo’ because well, she does seem to permanently live in a strop. I don’t know if it’s the hormones in her body going absolutely crazy or she’s just growing up into a really rude person, But she needs a little bit more than the naughty step!

You see our mum she’s a bit of a busy bee, buzzing around all over the place leaving little time for family life. You see by day she’s a nurse and by night *DUN DUN DAAAAAAAAAA (some super dramatic music)* she’s also a nurse just different places.

This means she needed to either give up half of her work but then she wouldn’t be able to give is the lifestyle she wanted all of us to have, that and shoes. She does want to spend a lot on shoe. but that’s it, her children, shoes…oh and chocolate but that’s definitely it!

So the other option is to have a mummy in reserve (catchy title, right?) and that’s me. I’ve changed nappies, done school runs, attended parent evenings and everything in between. I’m far more than just the big sister.

All these years it’s been just like my own children. They were so easy to love. tiny little things with the cutest tiny little smiles as they buried their faces into all kinds of treats I liked to spoil them with. Now they’ve grown older and are well into the teenage years and I still love them to bits but they don’t make it easy testing my patience at every turn with the “I’m not giving you a lift” arguments and the temper tantrums revolving around what I won’t and what i will cook for dinner. I’m lucky to even get a grunt let alone a smile!!!

But when all’s said and done,  they are my babes and always will be. So, despite the problems, the tears, the argument and slamming of bedroom doors. I will always be there for them.

And I’ll share with you all the little issues and all the bigger issues I face looking after two very ungrateful teenage girls…….

By Sara Al-Rabee Nutkin Nannies Kent.

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