Ofsted Inspection? All you need to know here



So you have had the letter regarding an Ofsted inspection…What do you need to know and have and do now?…
Breath, relax, we will help.

They will want to see your:
Qualifications Certificate, DBS, First Aid Certificate, Public Liability (nanny insurance ), Ofsted Certificate and Photo I.D.

There are 15 questions/areas they cover but these seem to cover all bases.

1. Safeguarding -are you aware of child protection ?
2. Relevant childcare qualifications
3. Are your premises suitable to work in ?e.g are all plug sockets covered
4. How do you deal with a complaint ?
5. Insurance? Registered Certificate
6. Do you ensure you keep children safe from harm and how do you do that ?
7. Do you ensure you are present on the premises at all times while children are present .
8. Do you ensure you do not smoke,consume or be under the influence of drugs ,meds or alcohol .
9. Do you ensure childrens behaviour is managed in a suitable manner ?
10. Do you ensure you do not use corporal punishment ?
11. Do you ensure that the older children do not have a negative effect on the younger children ?
12. Do you ensure that the childcare is accessible and inclusive ,taking reasonable steps to ensure each childs needs are met ?
13.Do you make your ofsted certificate available for the parents to see ?
14. Do you provide the parents with the ofsted address should they need it
15. Do you inform ofsted of a change to the address at which childcare is provided?
16. Would you inform Ofsted of changes to the type of childcare provided such as caring for more than one family
17. Would you inform ofsted of changes to your name ,telephone number ,and any offences that may disqualify you from working with children .

The safe guarding section may include,

1. Are you familiar with chldcare protection procedures and have you had any training ?
2. What would raise a concern?
3. If a child disclosed something to you ,or there was an obvious injury ,how would you feel about following the safeguarding children procedure?
4. What if you thought it was the parents-would this affect how you handled the situation.
5. How long would it take before you took action ? What action would you take ?

You must have policys on:

  • Complaints procedure
  • Inclusion policy
  • Behaviour management
  • Emergency procedures
  • Illness and infection policy
  • Evacuation procedure
  • Lost or missing child policy

The ones they are REALLY interested in are awareness of PREVENT-terrorism and BRITSH VALUES both are very new

Most important is CHILD PROTECTION-SAFEGUARDING and contact numbers

LADO 0300 200 1006

NW childrens services Referal Hub 0300

These are the links with the information on British Values and Terrorist Prevention.

Hope this helps. The interview is approx 30 minutes and they need written consent from parents to enter property .