The Baby Show Olympia 2015

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The Baby Show Olympia 2015

The Baby Show

We wanted to use the Baby Show as a platform to help advise parents of their childcare options, to inform them of everything that taking a nanny into their home involves and the responsibilities of each party.

We wanted to reiterate to Families and Nannies the importance of using a trusted Nanny Agency and the benefits that using an Agency can provide, all the work that goes on behind the scenes and how we value the relationships that we build with you.

We had very positive responses from the families that we spoke to, they were genuienly iteretsed in the amount of work involved and the personal level that we deal at. Most that we spoke to signed up with us.

It also gave us the excuse to cuddle so many scrumptious babies.

We got to The Baby Show early on the Thursday and the atmsophere was already buzzing with excitment and anticipation, it was so interesting to see the show being created before our eyes.

Before the set up the stand at the very start at the baby show olympia 2015

This is how our stand was waiting for us, we had work to do… Slowly the stand began to take shape.

Nutkin Nannies Essex at the baby show olympia 2015  Nutkin Nannies Surrey and Essex at the baby show olympia 2015  almost ready olympia baby show preperation day at the baby show olympia 2015

Thanks to my lovely Nutkin Teams from Essex and Kent we got on quickly with the task.

The Nutkin stand looked excellent – even if I am a bit biased…

at the baby show olympia 2015  ready and waiting on day 3 olympia baby show

On the first morning I was one of the first people in the exhibition hall and managed to take this photo…the calm before the hurricane!

waiting for the crowds at Olympia Baby show 2015

We had guest speakers on our stand throughout the show telling people about the courses that we run, thank you Laura Scott and Margaret Cowell for taking the time out of your busy schedules.

With Margaret Cowell and Angela Spencer from NannyLink Training at the baby show olympia 2015.    Margaret and Angela run the nanny training courses that we promote and are an excellent course for topping up your knowledge or for starting out nannying, to learn about EYFS and child development.

Our amazing Laura Scott at the baby show olympia 2015  Our amazing Laura Scott with the fantastic Nutkin Nibbles cookies at the baby show olympia 2015    Massive thanks too to Laura Scott who came to chat about child nutrition and the courses that we offer to parents and nannies, but also for bringing the most delicious biscuits all beatifully iced with “Nutkin Nibbles”  on. Laura, you star.

We also met some fabulous people on the other stands such at the brilliant Magnet Mouse magnet Mouse at the baby show olympia 2015  and  the wonderful Cute Cute Boutique at the baby show olympia 2015opposite us selling beautiful accessories and outfits for girls which was great for us as there was always a crowd! We made some good friends along with sharing information with companies that really compliment the nannying industry.

We were able to take away lots of samples from many of the stands to show to our lovely families and to give to friends with young children or those expecting.

There were also an array of childcare professional speakers, talking to us about Child development, teaching languages, weaning and child nutrition and breast feeding to name a few.

Clare Byam-Cook giving a seminar on breast feeding. at the baby show olympia 2015  Clare Byam-Cook giving a seminar on breast feeding.

Dr Julie Coultas at the baby show olympia 2015 Dr Julie Coultas talking about children’s emotions.

Some of the stage events were hysterical such as the Stokke Trip Trap Challenge, who could assemble it the furthest in 3 minutes!

IMG_9370 IMG_9397

but also the incredibly funny Stokke Buggy Dancers, they missed a trick not calling this segment “Strictly Stokke”

Anabel karmel takling about weaning at the baby show olympia 2015 Anabel karmel takling about weaning and promoting her new books.

I was over the moon to see Annabel Karmel who was just lovely and on the last day we brought our old (24 years old) “Baby and Toddler Meal Planner” which she brillinatly signed for us making it even more treasured than it was already. Even she was laughing at the photo on the back of her children as her “little” boy is now 26!

Annabel Karmel, queen of children's cookery signing our 24yo cook books. at the baby show olympia 2015   annabel karmel signed my book! at the baby show olympia 2015

We were very lucky to be have such a central stand and to be right by the main stage to see all the shows and key speakers. (Also to be near the cafe that sold the best hot chocolate)

collectimg money for Great Ormond street Hospital at the baby show olympia 2015We had a fantastic response from everyone who entered Guess the name of the Teddy, kindly donating to G.O.S.H. Thank you to everyone for their kind donations. NObody actually guessed that the teddy was called “Alice” so she will come with us to ExCel in February to raise even more money for a fantastic cause.

I’m so proud of my fabulous Nutkin Ladies and what we acomplished this weekend.   So from the Baby Show Olympia 2015 we say a fond farewell and now look forward to seeing you at ExCel Baby Show in February 2016 and hopefully at many more of our events.

My amazing Nutkin Team at the baby show olympia 2015

If you would like to be part of the growing Nutkin Team do get in touch and have a look at our Franchise page

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