The post maternity leave return to work…

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The post maternity leave return to work...

The post maternity leave return to work…

So you have had a blissful 6 months or if you’re lucky a year off but now the day has come to return back to the workplace… with your babybrain in tow. But assuming you got a fantastic nanny (through Nutkin Nannies of course) you should have one less thing to worry about. They will hopefully be keeping you up to date with their day and sending you a few pictures.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way,

Remember to pick up your handbag when you leave the house, the nappy bag will be of no use to you in the office.

Get a good app that can organise your life, trust me you’ll lose the lists you make on the train folded away in the pages of the freebie newspapers and you wont remember anything that is in the list apart from the one item you have already crossed off.

If you’re driving to work make sure the inside of the car is clean, not because you are trying to impress anyone but because you really dont want to meet the boss on your first day back with a bit of old banana and a babywipe stuck to your bottom.

Take the luchbreak, don’t work through it, you won’t get one at the weekend…
You don’t have to be wonderwoman and over achieve on your first day back, it will take a while to get back into the mindset and routine. The only person you need to impress is yourself (well maybe your boss too)

If you are still breastfeeding (respect) then take the pump to work, just try and find a quiet  corner to sit with the mechanical melodic wheezing of the pump and don’t be on a skype conference call whilst youre pumping. Luckily the average workplace has progressed in leaps and bounds and accommodates for the new mum far more than in the past and there should be a room provided.

Wait for your colleagues to ask you about the baby/birth… don’t bombard them with stacks of photos or horror stories of 60 hours of labour. Or as in my case what I thought was a lovely photo of my husband and I with our (minutes old) baby girl turned out to be the stuff of nightmares… if you look closely enough you can see the surgeon up to his elbow in my belly as he stitched me back up after the C-section… Gross!
Your work buddies will show interest but it will be short lived.

Don’t forget the friends you made on Mat-leave, they will be your go-to people as they will be in exactly the same position as you and will be the only ones who truly understand what’s going on in your head.

Dont forget to look after yourself!
Get things ready the night before, I put a load of washing ready to go in the machine the night before ready for my husband who leaves an hour earlier than me in the morning to put on. By the time I am down and feeding the minibeast one load has already been done.
Sleep is vital, you don’t want to be turning up for a  meeting looking like Alice Cooper.
If you havent already, then embrace the online food shop, most supermarkets have apps now so that you can add to your virtual trolly as you think about it.
Learn to love the bath-before-bed rather that the Holy-cow-I-don’t-have-time-for-a show-this-morning as long as your hair doesn’t look like Monica in “Friends” when she went to Barbados when you wake up!

If you felt that being a new mum sapped your energy, try doing that whilst being a commuter and putting in 8+ hours with grown-ups…Ease yourself in gently, don’t plan to go back on a Monday, maybe a Wednesday – Hump day – instead when the weekend is already in sight.


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This post was written by Sarah Cozens