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    Au Pair vacancies

    The United Kingdom is a lovely place to work, with great opportunities and excellent courses to apply to. Lots of leafy green outdoor spaces, you are a short train ride back into any main city and only ever an hour from any part of the coastline for fun sunny days spent at the beach trying the national dish of Fish and Chips. Sample a Traditional Cream Tea in one of the many tea houses and cafes and join the national debate wether it should be jam then cream or cream then jam!

    Steeped in so much history there are many places to visit on your days off, you are never far from a museum or ancient byway. From John O’ Groats to Landsend and Stonehenge – try and solve the mystery that has baffeled historians for centuries!

    The United Kingdom is full of surprises. England is the only place in the world to celebrate November 5th, and there are many other eccentric traditions to be part of during a calender year. Not forgetting the Magna Carter which in 2015 celebrated it’s 800th year. This one document is the foundation that all democracy stands for and is definitely worth a visit.

    A basic knowledge…

    The United Kingdom: The United Kingdom – Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the union between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The nations that make it up are all countries in their own right.

    The Channel Islands and Isle of Man are not part of the UK, but are also  Crown Dependencies.

    Great Britain: Great Britain is the collective name of of England, Scotland and Wales, it does not include Northern Ireland.

    British Isles: This is simply a geographical term – it refers to all the islands of Great Britain and Ireland scattered around our coasts.